Texwipe lab

Quality Policy

Texwipe is absolutely committed to producing the highest quality cleanroom consumable products in the world. In order to ensure that we meet that commitment, we continue to invest steadily in technology, innovation and quality to create and maintain state-of-the-art systems.

Texwipe achieves superior product quality and consistency by utilizing technological innovations, including laboratories for onsite process and quality analysis, intricate test methodologies, statistical process control, machine vision inspection and ultraclean Vectra® processing. We have an ongoing commitment to technology, quality and innovation with a goal to append the analytical laboratory to the manufacturing process.

Onsite Laboratories

Texwipe maintains a state-of-the-art research and quality laboratory at its manufacturing facilities in both Kernersville, NC and the Philippines. Each manufacturing site is equipped with its own quality laboratory for onsite process and quality analysis.

Intricate Test Methodologies Certify Product Quality

ITW Texwipe has pioneered the newest and most sensitive measurement techniques for quantifying contamination on wipers and other consumables.

Our test methodologies and protocols range from measuring microcontaminants such as particles and ions to quantifying performance properties of products such as absorbency and abrasion resistance.

We are particularly proud that Texwipe's test method for particle enumeration on wipers was adapted by ASTM as a standard test method for measuring particles (ASTM E2090).

These methodologies have enabled us to ensure quality and consistency from wiper to wiper and from lot to lot. Click here to learn more about our test methods.

Statistical Process Control Guarantees Consistency

We at Texwipe believe the key to guaranteeing defects measured in parts-per-million is the implementation of statistical process control (SPC) using in-line sensors to measure key quality parameters. In addition, sophisticated data logging and analysis software allow a level of process control previously unachievable.

Ultraclean Vectra® Process

Texwipe's unparalleled, proprietary Vectra® process highlights these features with real-time data acquisition from in-line sensors and computerized SPC analysis. Control charts with trend information can be simultaneously monitored by operators and quality engineers at separate locations. This technology enables us to produce the cleanest products for the most critical applications.

Unsurpassed Inspection Accuracy

Texwipe has invested in top-of-the-line technology with an effectiveness that far surpasses what can be achieved by reliance upon repetitive human tasks. Visual wiper inspection before packaging is traditionally performed by people working eight to ten hour shifts.

These repetitive inspection tasks require constant visual attention and acuity and are fraught with opportunity for error due to fatigue or distraction. Texwipe's unique machine vision inspection systems utilize complex algorithms to recognize defects that can occur in a wiper. Two parallel systems inspect and log defects for subsequent analysis.

The machine vision system combined with robotic stacking of wipers:

  • eliminates human handling and the possibility of contamination
  • ensures that defective wipers are discarded

Bag-to-Bag and Lot Traceability

The use of computer technology for both Statistical Process Control (SPC) and automated inspection allows for a traceability program that far exceeds anything else in this industry. While many companies claim lot-to-lot traceability with some vague definition of what a "lot" is, Texwipe can claim bag-to-bag traceability for all Vectra® products. The exact process conditions can be retrieved for each bag of wipers produced, from the cleaning, fabrication and inspection processes all the way back to the manufacture of the extruded yarn.

Cpk Measurement and Quality Goals

Cpk is currently measured on critical characteristics of the process and final product variables. Most Cpk measured variables are targeted at 1.33 or 4 Sigma. All Vectra® products currently run with Cpk's greater than 1.33 for all cleanliness specifications with 6 Sigma already achieved for several products on the particle and fiber levels.

Unflagging Commitment to Technology, Quality and Innovation

Texwipe's future vision of quality is to continue to develop more sophisticated inline analyses of critical parameters. Our goal is to append the analytical laboratory to the manufacturing process.

By joining sophisticated laboratory instrumentation such as spectrophotometers, automated particle counters, and other analytical tools to a manufacturing line, we are able to monitor through real-time analysis critical contamination parameters that affect the final product.

With the continued use of ever-more-sensitive inline data acquisition and analysis combined with powerful SPC software, Texwipe will continue to provide the highest quality products in the world.