Why Texwipe

texwipeProduct Development

Texwipe is committed to supplying the highest quality, most consistent cleanroom consumable products. We invest in technology, innovation and quality to create and maintain state-of-the-art systems. The results are new, improved cost-effective products.

From Vectra® processed, sealed-border wipers to CleanPak® pre-wetted wipers to CleanTips® swabs, Texwipe achieves superior product quality andconsistency by utilizing technological innovations, including quality analysis and intricate test methodologies.

Wiper Engineering

Texwipe maintains a staff of contamination control and fabric experts to develop and qualify the most effective wiper materials for your applications.


Texwipe developed many of the standard test methods used in the cleanroom wiper industry. We pioneered the use of scanning electron microscopy and automated liquid particle counting to assess releasable fibers and particles. Additionally, ITW Texwipe uses ion chromatography to measure ion concentration, and FTIR and UV to identify residual organic components.


Texwipe developed the key manufacturing breakthroughs in cleanroom wipers: from the double-sided twill bias-cut cotton wipers in the early 1960’s, to the cleanroom-laundered polyester wipers in the 1970’s. The 1980’s introduced the patented, sealed-border of the cleanroom laundered Alpha® 10 knit wipers, and in 1998, the unique Vectra® manufacturing process was instituted. The Vectra process is an automated, continuous cleaning process. It eliminates the wiper abuse from standard cleanroom laundries, and its automated machine vision inspects 100% of the wipers without the need for human interaction. Vectra-processed wipers are the cleanest and most consistent wipers for the most demanding cleanroom requirements.

Technical Support

Texwipe provides technical and practical support directly to customers and through our global distributor partners. We offer cleaning recommendations and facility audits to ensure our customers have the most effective cleaning protocols for optimum operations. Texwipe also provides tools and technical expertise through literature and instructional posters. Our experience has led to the development of simple, straightforward guides for standard contamination control practices.