ITW Texwipe receives a number of frequently asked questions about our products and services. Answers to these questions can be found in the categories on the left.


How can I obtain test data that is not on the ITW Texwipe Datasheet?

ITW Texwipe submits its products to rigorous testing to ensure products meet performance and contamination criteria, including absorbency, surface resistivity, particles, fibers, nonvolatile residues and ions, all of which are reported on the product datasheet . If you have need for other test performance data, please contact your sales representative.

How did ITW Texwipe get started?

It all started in 1964 when Mr. Edward Paley invented a product to solve a problem that no one could see. The problem was microcontamination -- minute particles that were creating errors on the disk and tape drives of the burgeoning mainframe computer industry. In developing the first low-lint cloth for cleaning computer equipment, Mr. Paley also created a company and invented an industry. Today, ITW Texwipe is a worldwide leader in contamination control. We're solving problems related to surface contaminants and microbes in cleanrooms, manufacturing plants and biotech labs. We're working with the leaders in the high-technology industries to apply our expertise in ever expanding ways. We're the best in the business -- the business we began. Click About Us above to learn more about ITW Texwipe.

Where are your headquarters and manufacturing facilities?

Texwipe is headquartered in Kernersville, NC (USA), with European headquarters in The Netherlands and Asian headquarters in China. Our manufacturing sites are in Kernersville, NC (USA), China and the Philippines.

Click Contact Us above to obtain address, phone and e-mail information. Click About Us to learn more about the company.

Ordering and Customer Service

Can I purchase ITW Texwipe products via the Internet?

Yes. Visit the Texwipe Store by clicking "Buy Texwipe" above.

Can you provide me with a list of distributors that sell your products?

For information about distributor(s) in your area, please contact your local Texwipe sales representative.

How can I get a sample of your product?

Contact your local sales representative to request product samples.

How can I place an order with you?

You can now order online or contact your customer service representative.

How can we obtain case size and weight of a product?

Please contact your sales representative or local distributor for that information. 

I have a unique product requirement. Can you develop a custom product?

Yes,  Texwipe develops custom products. Please call your local sales representative to discuss your product requirements.


What is the chemical compatibility of different wiper substrates?

ITW Texwipe submits all wiper materials for rigorous testing to ensure products meet performance criteria using various chemicals. A wiper/solvent compatibility chart is available for reference. If you have additional questions, please contact your ITW Texwipe sales representative.