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Alpha Sampling Swab, Low TOC

Part Number: TX761K

Alpha® Sampling Swab with Long Handle Low TOC
Case Price: $1,419.01 

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20 swabs/bag
50 bags/case
1,000 swabs total

Absorbond® Swab with Long Handle

Absorbond® Swab with Long Handle

The Absorbond® Swab with Long Handle is an excellent general-purpose swab for cleaning surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. The softness of the Absorbond® head also makes it ideal for cleaning delicate optical components including coated lenses, fiber-optic sensors, and mirrors. This swab can replace typical long-handled cotton swabs in applications requiring superior cleanliness. The TX762 swab is another option for surface sampling and cleaning validation. 

Made from hydroentangled, nonwoven polyester, the swab head is extremely low in nonvolatile residue. Features a double layer of polyester over the tip for added sorbency.

A long propylene handle (5.728" length) and flexible internal head paddle provide good support. Good sorbency and excellent chemical resistance. 

Product Details:
Absorbond® Swab with Long Handle
Hydroentangled Absorbond® polyester
100 swabs/bag (1 inner bag of 100 swabs)
10 bags/case 
1,000 swabs total/case

Small Compressed CleanFoam® Swab

Small Compressed CleanFoam® Swab

The Small Compressed CleanFoam® Swab is an excellent swab for cleaning very small areas, especially thin grooved areas of parts and assemblies. The pointed, precision tip is especially useful for magnified or microscopic work since the tip will obscure the whole field. Excellent swab for cleaning - suitable for precision application of solvents and cleaning solutions. 

Swab features a small compressed CleanFoam® head with pointed tip on a short rigid polypropylene handle. Its compressed, laundered CleanFoam® head possesses good firmness and a pointed tip. Polyurethane foam head has been solvent-washed to greatly reduce nonvolatile residue. A compact, rigid handle and tapered internal head core provide excellent support. 

The compact polypropylene handle provides support and control. Low particle generation and extractable levels. Excellent chemical resistance. 

Product Details:
Small Compressed CleanFoam® Swab
100 ppi open-cell CleanFoam®
500 swabs/bag (5 inner bags of 100 swabs)
5 bags/case 
2,500 swabs total/case