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Adhesive Mats

Adhesive Mats
CleanStep™ is the preferred choice in adhesive mats and frames for cleanrooms and critical areas. Constructed from the highest grade polyethylene (mats) and polystyrene (frames), this contamination control system grabs and retains particulates from foot- and wheel-borne contaminants. 

Adhesive Mats 
Each removable, adhesive-coated polyethylene sheet traps particles and prevents transfer. CleanStep™ mats feature an antimicrobial agent to prevent bacterial growth and numbered tabs to simplify inventory and replacement. 

Non-Skid Frames 
These light-weight, non-skid polystyrene frames adhere to the floor without adhesive and stay in place utilizing a high-grade non-skid backing. Easy to move for applications needing portability. Frames fit 18" x 36", 25" x 45" and 36" x 46" mat sizes. Available in black or white color choices.