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Hazardous Drugs Decontamination Protocol Kit

Hazardous Drugs Decontamination Protocol Kit

Cleaning hazardous drugs is not an easy process… Learn more about TexQ® Decontamination Protocol for cleaning surfaces soiled with Hazardous drugs.

The TexQ® Decontamination Protocol was evaluated by Bureau Veritas North America, an independent testing organization internationally recognized as a leader in testing, inspection, and certification.

According to the tests, TexQ® Decontamination Protocol was shown to remove at least 99.99% of numerous hazardous drugs commonly used in sterile compounding pharmacies: 5-fluorouracil,Cyclophosphamide, Ifosfamide, Paclitaxel and Methotrexate.

For further information please click on the links below:

TechNote: The Effectiveness of the TexQ®Decontamination Protocol in Cleaning Surfaces Soiled with Hazardous Drugs 

Protocol Instructional Sheet: TexQ® Decontamination Protocol for Hazardous Drugs Removal

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