Cleanroom Wipers

Texwipe created the first wiper in 1964 and has remained the innovator and category leader ever since!
We are committed to supplying the highest quality, most consistent cleanroom wipers. To fulfill that commitment, we develop technology and innovation to manufacture the highest quality, most state-of-the-art, industry-leading products that keep your cleanroom clean.

Below please find a catalog of Texwipe's Wipes or use the quick links below:

Texwipe Wipers 

Series Description Substrate Dry Pre-Wet  Sterile Sterile
Cellulose / Polyester
BlueWipe® Color indicator for liquids 55% cellulose / 45% polyester
SterileWipeHS II Ideal for wipedowns in sterile gowning rooms 55% cellulose / 45% polyester
TechniCloth® Aborbent and strong 55% cellulose / 45% polyester
TechniCloth II® TechniCloth plus ULP (ultra low particulate) treatment  55% cellulose / 45% polyester
TexVantage A basic wipe cellulose / polyester blend
VersaWipe®  All purpose wipe 55% cellulose / 45% polyester

Texwipe® Cotton The original wipe. Strong, double-sided provides durability and heat resistance. 100% cotton

NuCotton®  Made with sustainable materials. Same benefits as Texwipe® Cotton. 100% cotton


FoamWipe® Sponge replacement 100 ppi polyurethane foam

Vertex® Microdenier  Streak free cleaning 100% Polyester

MiracleWipe® Adsorbent. Soft with excellent strength and durability. 100% Nylon

Absorbond® THE soft wipe 100% Polyester

Alpha 10® Optimum balance.  100% Polyester

AlphaLite® Lightweight + ultra clean 100% Polyester

AlphaSorb 10® Sorbency and durability 100% Polyester

AlphaSorb HC® AlphaSorb® with high absorption capacity 100% Polyester

AlphaWipe® General wiping with a cut edge 100% Polyester

Honeycomb 10®

Grabs grit.

100% Polyester

Quantex® General wiping. 100% Polyester

Quantum 100® Ultimate in absorbency and soft texture.  100% Polyester

SterileWipe™ AS 10

High sorbency in a two-ply wipe

100% Polyester

SterileWipeLP  Superior strength for cleaning and polishing equipment

100% Polyester

SterileWipeLP 10  SterileWipe LP with sealed borders

100% Polyester

TexTra® Single-ply that acts like a two-ply 100% Polyester

TexTra 10® TexTra® with sealed borders 100% Polyester

TexTube® For high sorbency wiping with a two-ply 100% Polyester

TexVantage A basic wipe 100% Polyester

ThermaSeal® General wiping, good absorbency 100% Polyester

Vectra® LT Low Titanium Dioxide 100% Polyester

Vertex® High Durability Sorption and abrasion resistance 100% Polyester



Vertex® High Sorption

High sorption 100% Polyester

Polypropylene / Cellulose
Soft surface Polypropylene / cellulose composite

ProCell Wipes like a cloth 35% polypropylene / 65% cellulose



PolySat® For cleaning production equipment 35% polypropylene / 65% cellulose