Texwipe Wipes for Cleanroom and Industrial Apps

wiper productsOur history speaks for itself. 

Texwipe created the first wiper in 1964 and has remained the innovator and category leader ever since!

We are committed to supplying the highest quality, most consistent cleanroom wipers. To fulfill that commitment, we develop technology and innovation to manufacture the highest quality, most state-of-the-art, industry-leading products that keep your cleanroom clean.

Every Application.

From Vertex® fully-automated manufacturing to Vectra® processed, sealed-border wipers to TechniCloth® nonwoven blends, Texwipe produces a variety of wiper products for virtually every need. 

Select any of our product families in the table below for more information.

  Wiper Product Type Description
Dry Wipers


Dry cleanroom wipers available in a variety of fabrics, borders and sizes.

Pre-Wetted Wipers


Texwipe cleanroom wipers pre-wetted / pre-saturated with IPA to optimal levels for cleanroom applications. 

Sterile Wipers


Texwipe cleanroom wipers in Sterile form for aseptic environments. Available in dry and pre-wetted.



Wipers for Industrial and Ultra-Clean applications.


Should you require a custom configuration, please contact us at 1.336.996.7046.

Technical Data Sheets

Looking for Technical Data Sheets? Technical Data Sheets files are located each applicable wiper product page - or - to locate by product number, click here for more info - Technical Data.

Complete Collection

Texwipe Wiper Brochure

For more information please review our Wiper Brochure.