Sterile Wipers

Texwipe sterile wipersTexwipe's sterile products for cleaning and contamination control in regulated industries include sterile pre-wetted wipers, sterile dry wipers and sterile alcohols.

Injectables, inhalants and ophthalmics produced in ISO Class 5 aseptic fill areas or in sterile isolators require stringent cleaning and disinfection. Pre-sterilized or autoclaved wipers are required. Polyester knits with sealed-borders are preferred for critical areas where visible fibers are of concern. Polyester/cellulose and polypropylene nonwoven wipers are used in the less critical areas of tablet and API manufacturing.

SterileWipe™ wipers were developed to clean aseptic cleanrooms, without compromising the sterile nature of those environments.

Texwipe's Sterile Wipers come in a variety of sizes and fabrics.