Cleanroom Sheets

Cleanroom Loose-Leaf Sheets by TexwipeTexwipe's TexWrite® products offer a complete system for stationery use in any contamination-controlled manufacturing environment. We back our materials with advanced testing and quality control to assure cleanliness and consistency.  

Our Cleanroom Loose-Leaf Sheets are formulated in a variety of materials to suit any application. Available in premium synthetic and saturated (latex-free) cellulose papers in 30#, 22# and 18# weights. Cellulose sheets, with a polymer reinforcement, are available in blue, green, yellow and white. Premium synthetic sheets are available in green. 

Type Description Colors
Synthetic Sheets TexWrite® MP10 for ultraclean environments that cannot tolerate cellulose contamination. A unique 100% synthetic sheet with outstanding performance characteristics, this paper construction prevents particle contamination, ink smearing, and the need for lamination.
  • Green
Cellulose Sheets Cleaner and more consistent than conventional bond paper. 100% virgin pulp without inorganic fillers, titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate free. The polymer reinforcement is latex-free and helps reduce particle generation as compared to conventional bond. Precision cut for jam-free performance and ideal for use in any type of printer or copier.
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow