Microdenier Mop Covers

Microdenier Mop CoversA Superior Clean.

AlphaMop M Series mop covers are constructed from microdenier fabric, a textile known for its ability to capture and hold contaminants. AlphaMop M Series is 100% polyester, never a blend.

Microdenier (or microfiber) fabric has increased capturing power with 4x the fibers and 8x the surface area of normal polyester materials. The small diameter of the individual filaments allows the lifting and capture of particles as small as microbes.

For cleanroom applications, we engineered this polyester microdenier cover to work with Quat-based cleaners.

Available in 2 sizes:

Microdenier Mop Covers 

100% polyester microdenier mop covers. TX7114M for use with Mini AlphaMop and Mini AlphaMop Isolator Cleaning Tool (TX7104 and TX7101). TX7118M for use with AlphaMop and Autoclavable AlphaMop (TX7108 and TX7108A). 

TX Number Description Packaging Documents
Replacement Covers  
TX7114M Microdenier Mop Covers
Microdenier Mini AlphaMop Covers
4" x 7"
For use with TX7101, TX7104
150 mop covers/case
25 covers/inner bag 6 inner bags/case)
TDS - English (US)
TX7118M Microdenier Mop Covers
Microdenier AlphaMop Covers
8" x 15"
For use with TX7108, TX7108A
150 mop covers/case
(6 bags of 25 mop covers)
6 foam pads/case
TDS - English (US)