AlphaWipe® Mop Covers

Series: AlphaWipe Mop Covers Easily-replaceable mopheads ensure that surfaces will be cleaned effectively. Unique surface texture facilitates grit capture and removal of dirt during the cleaning process on uneven as well as smooth surfaces. Excellent sorbency plus good particle and fiber control. AlphaWipe® mop covers resist abrasion under rigorous use.

AlphaWipe® Mop Covers

Polyester mop covers specifically designed for the needs of ultraclean production enviroments

TX Number Description Packaging Documents
TX1031 9" x 32" (23cm x 81cm) 20 pcs/bag
10bags/case = 200 wipers

AlphaWipe® Mop Covers: Pre-wetted

AlphaWipe® Mop Covers you've come to trust pre-wetted with solution to make cleaning easier and more efficient.

TX Number Description Packaging Documents
TX7031 Pre-wetted with 6% IPA.
For use with 9" x 31" (23cm x 79cm) mops
25 mop covers/bag
4 bags/case
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