AlphaMop™ Flat Mop Covers & Pads

AlphaMop by TexwipeWe've got you covered.

Replacement covers for the AlphaMop and Autoclave Safe AlphaMop™ are available in dry and pre-wetted versions. Each package includes covers and pads for an optimal fit and are double-bagged for easy introduction into clean environments.

Available in polyester, microdenier, pre-wet and sterile options.

Texwipe® AlphaMop™ features a large 15" x 8" (38 cm x 20 cm) thermoplastic mop head, 60" (1.5 m) fiberglass handle, pad and fastening pins.


Made from cleanroom-laundered, knitted-polyester and are available in a sterile option where indicated. Made from Texwipe AlphaWipe 100% polyester, these covers provide the cleanest mop cover available for floors, walls, and ceilings applications.

  • 100% polyester material provides a clean mop cover ideal for cleaning floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • Ideal for environments requiring low particle, extractable and ionic contamination.


Made from 100% polyester microdenier fabric and are available in a sterile option where indicated. This fabric provides enhanced particle lifting, streak-free cleaning, plus enhanced sorption for working with solutions. Available in sterile option where indicated.

  • Enhanced absorbency and quick-wicking performance
  • Increased lifting and capturing of particles as small as microbes
  • Compatible with all disinfectants, including quats such as Texwipe’s TexQ.
  • Streak-free cleaning

Features & Benefits

  • Quick-change system allows the user to replace covers / pads frequently
  • The polyester pad assures the mop cover to conform to surfaces for consistent cleaning
  • Texwipe’s 100% polyester covers provide the cleanest substrates available for cleaning walls, floors and ceilings
  • Sterile options available

AlphaMop™ Covers

Large, 15" x 8" polyester mop system for the easiest and most efficient wiping of floors, walls and ceilings. Two versions available: TX7108 and autoclavable TX7108A. Both offer the same ultraclean design. 

TX Number Description Packaging Documents
Replacement Covers & Pads
100% Polyester
TX7118  AlphaMop™ Polyester Covers
includes 25 covers per bag plus 6 replacement pads per case
6 bags plus 6 pads per case TDS - English (US)
STX7118 (formerly TX3268) Sterile AlphaMop™ Polyester Covers
includes 10 covers and 1 pad per bag
12 bags per case TDS - English (US)
TX7026 Pre-Wet AlphaMop™ Polyester Covers (6% IPA)
includes 25 covers per bag plus 4 pads per case
4 bags plus 4 pads per case TDS - English (US)
MSDS - English (US)English (UK)DutchFrench,Nederland
TX7118M AlphaMop™ Microdenier Covers
includes 25 covers per bag plus 6 replacement pads per case
6 bags plus 6 pads per case  TDS - English (US)
STX7118M Sterile AlphaMop™ Microdenier Covers
includes 10 covers and 1 pad per bag
TDS - English (US)
Replacement Pads     
TX7118F AlphaMop™ Replacement Pads Kit
Pads are 8”x15",  includes fastening pins. Kit includes: 25 pads and 4 pins per bag. 

For use with AlphaMops TX7108 and TX7108A.
3 bags per case TDS - English (US)

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