Texwipe’s® Sterile Ethanol Solution is especially for cleanroom use. Filtered to 0.2 µm, individually double-bagged and gamma-irradiated to ensure sterility. Made using USP components and packaged in a ISO Class 5 cleanroom.

Solutions are available in a 16 oz spray bottle and 32 oz. spray bottle.

✓ Sterile✓ Ready-to-use ✓ 0.2 µm filtration ✓ USP components ✓ De-Ionized, Purified water ✓ No rinse required

Product Details

Sterile Ethanol Solution (70% Denatureed Ethanol) 

Part Number Solution % Size
Packaging Type Case Qty. Technical Documents
TX3267 70%

16 fluid ounces

(473 mL)

Trigger spray 12 bottles

TDS - English (US)
MSDS - English (US)

TX3265 70%

32 fluid ounces

(946 mL))          

Trigger spray 12 bottles