Large Surface Mops

Big Mess?  You Need a Big Mop.

Large Surface Mop, AlphaMopTexwipe's line of Large Surface Mops will trap contaminants of all types over expansive areas including ceilings, walls and floors.

Available in three models:

Genuine Texwipe Replacement Mop Covers and select Extension Handles are available.

Autoclavable AlphaMop.

Building on the popular AlphaMop™, the autoclavable TX7108A provides the ideal flat surface mop for cleaning and disinfecting aseptic areas. Tested to withstand the rigorous demands of the steam sterilization process, the Autoclavable AlphaMop ensures consistent performance for ultraclean production environments.

Users will enjoy the same features and as the industry-leading AlphaMop with the added benefit of being fully autoclavable:

  • Efficient coverage of large areas - 15”x8” wiping surface provides 
  • Cleans corners and tight spots with a low profile swivel head 
  • Rapid change design for adherence to wiping protocols
  • Enhanced user comfort with a lightweight design
  • AlphaWipe® Mop Covers offer optimal blend of sorption and cleanliness

Autoclavable AlphaMop™

Industry leading AlphaMop™ now available in Autoclavable model.

TX Number Description Packaging Documents
TX7108A Autoclavable AlphaMop™
-15" x 8" thermoplastic single head assembly
-60" fiberglass handle
1 mop/case TDS - English (US)


The AlphaMop™ is specifically designed for the needs of ultraclean production environments.

The AlphaMop is ideal for applications requiring low particle, extractable and ionic contamination. It is superior for wall, floor and ceiling cleaning and is designed specifically for ultraclean manufacturing environments. The mophead material is made of laundered 100% knitted-polyester with a fiberglass handle. The mop is packaged in bag-within-a-bag® cleanroom packaging.


Large polyester mop system for the easiest and most efficient wiping of floors, walls and ceilings

TX Number Description Packaging Documents
TX7108 Cleanroom mop with fiberglass
handle and single head
1 mop/bag TDS - English (US)

betamopBetaMop™ II 

BetaMop™ II features a high-capacity, seamless, 100% knitted polyester head constructed of tubular polyester. The durability and low contamination characteristics of this head design make it an ideal choice for floor cleaning in critical environments.

The BetaMop II is constructed entirely of corrosion-resistant materials and is designed to be used with most wring-bucket systems. The quick opening clamp allows the BetaMop II heads to be changed easily.

BetaMop II is a good choice for floor cleaning in both electronic cleanrooms and sterile environments.

BetaMop™ II

Tubular polyester mop for efficient and economical floor cleaning in critical environments

TX Number Description Packaging Documents
TX7106 Mop with head refill 1 mop/case TDS - English (US)