Dry Wipers for the Aerospace Industry

BetaWipeTexwipe has a variety of dry wipers available for Aerospace, Aviation & MRO applications. Whatever your need, Texwipe has the solution.

High Chemical Resistance

High Sorption

  • BlueWipe® TX512

Lowest Extractables

  • Absorbond® TX404 TX409 
  • AlphaLite® TX1008B 
  • AlphaWipe® TX1003, TX1004, TX1009, TX1013 
  • TechniCloth® TX604, TX606, TX609, TX612 
  • Textra® TX2424 
  • ThermaSeal™ 60 TX2064, TX2069 
  • Vectra® QuanTex TX1080 
  • VersaWipe® TX622, TX624, TX629

Lowest Particles   

  • AlphaLite® TX1008
  • AlphaWipe® TX1009
  • Vectra® Alpha® 10 TX1010, TX1012
  • Vectra® AlphaSorb® 10 TX1050, TX1052, TX1060
  • TechniCloth® II TX1109, TX1112, TX1118 
  • AlphaSorb® HC TX2412, TX2418
  • FoamWipe™ TX704
  • Vectra LT TX8659